Want to Learn to Make Application? Follow Course Creating a Free Application For Two Weeks of Google

Want to Learn to Make Application? Follow Course Creating a Free Application For Two Weeks of Google - Arguably Android operating system which successfully captured the world's attention. The Windows operating system made by now seemed to be an operating system that each day is always discussed. Of course, the success of the Android operating system is not separated from several factors.

One is the presence of the Google Play Store, an application store that allows many developers are involved. Because of this open system, not a developer, either group. Agencies, and individuals involved in developing many applications.

You can become one of the developers of applications in Google Play Store. Of course you have to have the ability to create or make an application. If you are interested in and you can or can not understand, then you can follow various courses create Android applications. One of the courses that you can follow is the course of Udacity.

The course makes the application of this Udacity is a course that is quite interesting. Udacity itself is a group or organization that is focused on learning via the Internet for everyone. And this time presenting Udacity courses make his application dibesut by Google directly. The course of cooperation between Google and Udacity is called the course "Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals". What kind of detail of the course make this online application?

Course Application Development With Focus

Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals is a course or program that is intended for novice developers. That is, the course is more addressed to specific people or groups who want to develop an application but do not have the ability more about application development.

You know the basics about the programmer but not knowing related application creation, you can try it. You will be taught and trained on matters relating to the development of applications. Interestingly, you will be taught directly by a team of Google itself that Google Developer Advocate team.

Is the material presented in the course of making this application limited only application development? Overall, you are only going to be taught how to create Android applications and development.

But, of course, you will get more detailed materials and special. This means, you should not hesitate anymore to follow the course of making an application program that was initiated Udacity and Google's.

For the presentation of the material itself, Udacity presenting material in a variety of formats. You will get video tutorials, quizzes, sample applications, and other woods documents related application development. You can also access the forum and interact. Of course this makes the learning does not take place in one direction but two directions. And this is very good, especially for those who are happy to ask questions or discuss a matter of learning.

Course Is Not For Public

Which may be somewhat unfortunate of course make this application the target audience probably only a matter of course. Indeed Udacity and Google claims that this course is intended for novice developers, but that does not mean developers are really beginner.

Participants will follow this course should already know the basics of programming such as Java, C ++, Objective C or Python. Udacity also stated that the course is also aimed at those who have a minimum of three years experience in the field of development of the program.

If you do have a background as already described, then you should not hesitate anymore to follow your program. For those of you who are totally blind to the programming really should not follow this one program.

But do not worry, if you are curious and want to try, then you can try to register and view the material in the test phase.

That's right, you or anyone can access the course make this app free for half a month or two weeks. If you are interested and want to follow the matter further, you can follow this course by paying $ 150 or about USD 1.7 million.

Interested in the program or course to make the application of this Google? Feel free to visit this course on the official website Udacity or can also directly click on the following link.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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