How to Connect Google Drive With Gmail For More Productive

How to Connect Google Drive With Gmail For More Productive - Internet provides a variety of ways for a person to become more productive. But for you, if you utilize it properly? As an example of Google's services. With the wide scope of these services in the Internet world, of course is an easy task if we want to connect the output of Google's various services, because Google has provided a way for users so that they can adjust flexibly Google services.
Do you want to work more productively by connecting between Google services? You can start by connecting an online data storage service Google Drive with the email service Gmail. Here is a way that you can take to connect the two.
1. FIND INFORMATIONOne common thing a person do when using online services is, looking for something he wants. There is an easy way to connect Gmail search feature that is plastered on both Gmail and Google services that GDrive. To enable this feature, simply go to the settings menu in Gmail, click on Labs, and enable Apps Search feature.
Once you finish the feature enabled, when you do a search through Gmail will be followed by a search of online data storage on Google Drive account. If you've done a search, the results of Google Drive will be integrated with the Gmail search area. With this, you will get something more simple when doing a search.

Another way to reduce the habit of clicking your mouse is to further simplify the work of a service. At Google services, you can send a wide variety of attachments in Gmail directly to Google Drive.

All of it will you can do in a single click. Scroll to the bottom of the email where you'll see the attachment from the email, and then point to the attachment you want. Here, you will see the Google Drive icon. Click on the icon, and Gmail will automatically transfer the attachment to your Google Drive account.
3. ATTACH FILE GOOGLE DRIVEWhat about the other way when we want to attach something? What if instead, if you want to send an attachment to your Gmail Google Drive? Yes, you can do it. When you create a new email in Gmail, just visit the Google Drive icon on the bottom. This icon will take you to the page containing your Google Drive files. Here, you can select one or more files from your online data storage to attach to your email. With just one or two click, and the file will be transferred directly to the email that you are creating. Easy is not it?
4. NOTIFICATIONWhen you work in a group by using Google Drive, it is very useful if you are given notice when others modify existing jobs. You can set a notification that you are alerted if someone changes a file in Google Drive.
Just visit the file, and click on the Tools menu, and then select Notification rules. You can set a notification so that if there is a change, you will be notified via email.
CONCLUSIONIs it easier for us when it can connect simultaneously both Google services. With you integrate online data storage service Google Drive and Gmail email service, then you will be more productive activities than ever before.
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