Tips use WhatsApp application that maximum use is More

Tips use WhatsApp application that maximum use is More - WhatsApp application used increasingly popular and have many benefits. Since purchased by Facebook with fantastic value, WhatsApp application is growing rapidly. In the month of April 2015 alone, the application is quite often to get updates.
Things to do these companies is reasonable. Because the application WhatsApp increasingly in demand. In this year alone, WhatsApp announced that the application has been downloaded and used by more than 800 million users.
WhatsApp Application Tips
Almost everyone probably already know how to work this application. However, there are still many who do not optimize it so that the user is only limited by standard wear. However, we give you some tips to maximize WhatsApp, such as backup to Google Drive, to create a group chat to send a broadcast message.Backup to Google Drive
The first tip that will we share is back up the entire message in the WhatsApp accounts into Google Drive service. Drive to the backup feature is a new service offered by WhatsApp, along with UI overhaul becomes style design material.
Easy to do, you can first open WhatsApp as usual, then tap Settings menu followed tap and select Chat Settings. Upon entry into Chat Settings menu, you can continue the chat by selecting a backup, then choose the backup option, whether every day or once a week on the Backup frequenty.
After selecting the backup time, you can press the OK button and will be asked to log into your Google account, and then give access permissions. Lastly, you can click Back up Now, which will automatically backup all your messages appropriate time period predetermined.
Even backup to Google Drive service is quite behind, but it allows you to not miss important messages may be erased. Moreover, this service can also be selected, if you want to backup with WiFi or mobile data connectivity.Make Group Chat
Tip two is to maximize the use WhatsApp to chat with many people. With the Group Chat feature on WhatsApp, now you can communicate with many people, such as the BBM Group for example.
How to create a group chat via WhatsApp is easy. First, open the application WhatsApp, then tap the menu button and select New Group. If you have already done so, you can continue to provide the name of the group you want to create, then click the icon image to select the icon you want to use. After that, you can download tap Next to determine who are the members who want to be included, can by typing a name or select a contact recommendation.
If it is to determine who are the members who want to join the group, you can click the CREATE menu, and group chat has been completed you create. Even if the Group Chat feature on WhatsApp is not as attractive as BBM Group because it looks plain, but the performance is stable WhatsApp provide comfort to communicate with many people at once.Send Broadcast Message
Last tips that we share is to send a broadcast message. Features that previously used the popular BBM users can now also be used via WhatsApp. Have similar functions, can send messages to many contacts at once, the way is very easy to send messages. How to?
First, you can open WhatsApp, followed by choosing New Broadcast. Then, continue to type the name of the contact you want to send a message, a maximum of 256 contacts to a message sent. If you've done it, you can click on CREATE, and the message was immediately drove to all selected contacts.
Besides being able to send text messages, Broadcast Message feature on WhatsApp also allows you to send messages in other formats. You can send messages in the form of audio, image, video or contacts simply by clicking an existing clip icon on the home page.Conclusion
How, it is very easy not to optimize the use of this application? In addition you can use all the features offered WhatsApp application, you can now more freely when using it. Good luck!
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